Zero Nexxus is your link to a better life.

1What does Zero Nexxus provide for me?
Zero Nexxus creates a personalized plan for the submission of your Benefits Delivered at Discharge (BDD) claim or a Fully Developed Claim, while you’re still on active duty. All consultations include an individualized plan with deadlines and tasks that will enable you to submit an accurate and substantial claim prior to separating from service.
2What is unique about a consultation with Zero Nexxus?
Zero Nexxus has created a template for the submission of your BDD or Fully Developed Claim that has yielded an average disability rating of over 70% for clients. There is no guesswork in what we do. We use the 38 Code of Federal Regulations, Book C, Schedule of Ratings which is what the VA uses to determine the severity of a disability and we apply it to your occupational history.
3Do you review my medical record?
No. This practice is outdated and not useful for what we’re accomplishing. Zero Nexxus is concerned about what is NOT in your medical record and what is NOT YET documented. We do not discuss, disseminate or collect any HIPAA information. This is crucial because the VA is compensating you for the CURRENT level of severity.
4Do you submit my claim for me?
No, by law we cannot. The submission process is straightforward and can be done on your computer. DO NOT submit a claim without speaking to us. Only 24% of veterans submit a claim. Their average disability rating, without Zero Nexxus is less than 10%. Let us help you.
5Should I file now or wait until I separate?
DO. NOT. WAIT. It is imperative to file your claim within 180 days of your EAOS or within four months of separation. The time it takes to submit a claim and receive a disability rating as a veteran is largely unknown. The VA publishes monthly reports that show over 400,000 claims pending, with over 200,000 that are pending longer than 150 days. This does not include the time it takes to get registered in the VA healthcare network.
6What if I have undocumented injuries?
You’ve put the mission first during your service, and now that you are separating, you don't have anything documented. This is our specialty. Do not submit an unsubstantiated claim, allow us help you get what you deserve. Our background in Special Operations means that we understand the culture—we understand that going to medical for documentation wasn’t high on your list of priorities
7What if I've never been "injured" on active duty?
Do not disqualify yourself from your disability rating, let the VA determine the severity of your claim (with our assistance). There are many unknown benefits of having an injury even rated at “Service Connected 0%’, which is why we encourage every service member to submit a claim.
8Should I file a claim even if I think I'll only be 0%?
YES. Receiving a 0% “Service Connected” rating is more important than you know. If you receive multiple 0% ratings, you are going to receive a monthly compensation. More importantly, establishing that an injury is service connected is paramount! There are tens of thousands of dollars in benefits for being rated at 0%.
9What consultation package is right for me?
This answer is contingent on two factors: 1. How much time you have remaining in service, and 2. How much assistance do you want? -24-12 months remaining = 'BAMCIS' or 'FULL NEXXUS' package would be appropriate. - If you prefer to take a more independent role in your filing, the BASIC package may suffice. Regardless of the package you choose, you will be given exceptional service. Your future success is our only priority!
10Should I use a VSO on active duty?
Research and understand what a VSO is going to offer you. VSO's can be a tremendous resource. However, they vary greatly in quality. No one is going to care about your claim more than you. That is why we give YOU the tools to file your own claim.
11What should I expect during the consultatation?
Expect to speak for 30-45 mins. You should be prepared to answer questions on your military training history and your estimated date of separation. Let us do the rest.
12Do I need to take notes during my consultation?
No, but it can be helpful when remembering past events. A consultant is going to provide you with detailed notes following the consultation. You will receive a personalized plan and other forms that will help with the transition process.
13Can I upgrade during my consutlation?
Yes. It is common that once a client speaks to a consultant they want to have at least one more consultation prior to separating. We can upgrade while you are on the phone and schedule another consultation at your convenience.
14Can I just go to my unit medical and talk to a provider or medic?
There is a difference between what unit medical clinics write and what the VA wants to see in your VA Claim. At no fault of their own, military clinicians are not trained to document for VA claims. There are “right things” and “wrong things” to say when at medical. Let our expertise guide you through these conversations so that the right documentation can be used for your VA claim.

If you're a veteran you still have options.